Introducing Digital LCD Display for Electronic Advertising!

  • Date : 2014-12-30
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Introducing Digital LCD Display for Electronic Advertising!

 Are you shopping for a digital LCD display to add to your businesses advertising campaign? Do you need a monitor with a built-in media player? This digital LCD display is intended for digital signage use in professional settings such as restaurants, conventions, corporate lobbies, retail stores, and more! Available in a number of popular sizes for public viewing, most of these flat screens provide full 1080 resolution in widescreen format. Different than residential models, these commercial-grade digital LCD display monitors come with additional features designed for extended continuous usage in a business environment. The flat screen monitors can either be mounted to the wall or onto a stand. The digital LCD display is VESA compatible, with the specific sizing listed on each product page. This flat screen, media player kit is easy to install and use. With this digital LCD display and a standard thumb drive, (not included), users can quickly upload videos, images or a combination of both to further advertise within their business. Customers will be much more likely to pay attention to dynamic signage with sound and movement than a paper poster hanging on the wall. This digital LCD display will not only help to increase sales revenue; over time it will actually save money on advertising cost. There is no longer the need to pay for new signage or special posters for an upcoming sales event. Simply load the new media onto the digital LCD display, no extra cost, and little time is spent updating. Are you not "up-to-date" with current technology? Not a problem. This digital LCD display is very simple to use, and there is also an instructional video on this site that shows examples of how to upload most file types.

The real issues with a digital LCD monitor are heat buildup and duty cycles (how often the screen is left on). Engineered for 24/7 operation, the commercial-grade screen can handle the heat! This digital LCD monitor comes with a 2 or 3 year warranty on parts and labor; unlike 90 days to 1 year on most residential screens. On-site service is also reserved for professional users, where residential customers have to deal with depot service. Another obvious reason to go with this digital LCD monitor that is rated for commercial use is; if using a residential model in a business application, the manufacturer automatically voids the warranty.

Where are these digital LCD monitors commonly used?

  • Restaurants often use this flat screen signage to display menu specials, as well as for advertising upcoming events.
  • These digital LCD monitors are also seen in airports and bus terminals to promote local business and attractions.
  • Another popular use for these media players is in a retail store or shopping mall.

Do all of these digital LCD displays come with a warranty?

  • All of the flat screen monitors presently offered on this site include a manufacturers warranty.
  • These digital LCD displays are intended for commercial use and can be left on for extended periods of time without worry.
  • For further information regarding warranty information or product specifications, please read the detailed description or contact one of our representatives.

We provide commercial digital LCD monitors with a large selection of available floor stands and wall mount brackets for public display. These flat screens have been paired with the most popular TV stands in a handful of product combinations, available to buy here. Also available are digital signage players that enable users to display video feeds, slideshows, news tickers, and live TV on these digital LCD displays! This site is your one-stop shopping destination for electronic advertising solutions. We supply the digital LCD monitors, the stands and brackets, and the media players all under one roof! Flat screen TVs, widescreen televisions, and other digital LCD displays are fast becoming the advertising product of choice for many commercial institutions. Promote products, showcase specials, and provide information while entertaining your patrons or customers all at the same time!

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