The news report of RCSTARS first badminton match.

  • Date : 2016-05-29
  • Source :

In order to rich the spare time and facilitate the physicial fitness activities development  of all staffs, the first badminton league activities of  Rcstars Techonology was held as scheduled in badminton gymnasium,Shahe Sports and Entertainment Service Center, Nanshan  distric,Shenzhen,on 28th,May,2016. 

There are 7 teams taking part in the match, divided into 3 groups, group A,group B,and group C. It’s individual competition Signal elimination system was made,  the best of one set match. The matchs were played on 3 badminton courts. 

 AS soon as the match begin, all the team members turn themself into the PK status for the firece competition. Everyone spares no effort to show their superb skills. Only if you were at the spot, you may never know how wonderful the match is and how energetic teams we are.

After two hours of competition, Zhang Li from sales Department, Planning Department Cai shi ji , Production  Department Li jia yuan, these three powerful single advance the final championship game,They are runing neck-and-neck for champion.Finally t Cai shi ji won the championship , Zhang Li won the runner-up, Li jia yuan won the third place.

Except for the sweat from us in the field, more is the joy of friendship after the match is over. This match not only motivates everyone’s enthusiasm in physical exercise, but also highlights the power of team spirit, and can further strengthen the communications between us and enhance the friendship.

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