Autumn festival,have a date with autumn

  • Date : 2016-09-12
  • Source :
In order to enrich our cultural life, strive to alleviate the pressure on staff, hope we can enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature after work, we spend one day in Green Bay scenic tour.

At first,we rode a bike to the sea side.Everyone selected our favorite bike, single or double. Started with a sweet, romantic mood, enjoy unrivaled big sea. We were in high spirits, actively and enthusiastically participated in activities, we were all beaming with happy. Then, we attend a picnic,.After divided into three groups, we worked closely with each other, wishing vegetables, lighting a fire, fetching water, cooking and so on, a variety of voices united to form a wonderful blend of "picnic symphony." Soon, smoke curl, fragrant, "delicious food" became "dinner table" , we enjoyed our labor and each has an indescribable joy.

After the picnic, we went to the water playground in scenic spot,where has First-class quality, called “Biquan dynamic water playground”.There we experience some the high-speed, thrilling, water-skiing facilities.After this we cultivated the sentiment,also everyone won chance to had a completely relax.

This event further enhance communication and understanding between us, up close to nature to relieve work stress and make a work attitude adjustment, effectively enhance our friendship,experience the atmosphere of teamwork, enhance team cohesion. What`s imporant is that we have left a wonderful and happy memories.

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