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  • Date : 2014-12-02
  • Source : rcstars

Digital Signage Made Easy

Our recently upgraded, increasingly user friendly, ranges of LCD Digital signage come in a variety of sizes, ratios, orientation and have various features and functions to suit any application. However there are key features that all of our displays share. All of our displays are designed for 24/7 usage and have special LCD Panels so that the color doesn’t fade over time. Our displays are also unbranded and do not have any buttons or controls easily accessible. As we manufacture the screens any pre production modifications can be made. They all have multitude of inputs-both for video signal and storage devices as well as all having an eco-friendly power timer. Our Digital Advertising Displays and Digital Poster ranges have the simple plug and play system to manually update content, additionally they can be easily networked or wirelessly connected to a PC for more frequent updates and even up to the minute RSS Feeds. 

Intuitive and easy to use scheduling software enhances the capabilities of the displays by allowing a user to create playlists for different times and occasions. For example if the display were to be used as a digital menu board, it could show the breakfast menu in the morning and lunch menu in the afternoon.

The below series product we will introduce to you is Simple Plug and play digital signage products,
Simply load the content, or playlist, in the order you want them to be display onto a USB STICK, Then insert the USB drive into the screen, wait for the data to load, remove the USB Drive and your images, videos and music will be displayed on the screen.


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