Your RMA will only be processed if it meets the following criteria:

1. Parts being returned must match original sales order.

2. Parts must be within warranty period. (Contact Customer Support Representative for warranty conditions)

3. Parts that fall within RCSTARS operating specifications or are deemed defective due to customer misapplication will be returned as is, and could be subject to an evaluation fee.

4. Parts must be returned in adequate condition in proper packaging and shipping material. Failure to do so will result in product returned to sender.

5. If you need immediate replacement, provide your requirement with a new PO. Please note, Rcstars reserves the right to return product which is deemed customer damaged or no fault found from the RMA.

About the freight:

If the clients report the product failure to Rcstars after one month but within one year after receipt of the products, Rcstars will only bear one way freight charge.

If the clients report the product failure after one year of the receipt of the products, the client should bear the freight for the return and dispatch.


Fill in all required data below. One form is required for each part number being returned. RMA numbers with return shipping instructions will be provided by email.

** Please post the defect description and the original label on the product

Any information including data, pictures, detail failure info, etc. will expedite the processing of your RMA.

RCSTARS Tech  Return Material Authorization (RMA) Form

Company:_________________________________                                              Contact Name:__________________

City:___________________________________       State:__________________              Zip:___________________  

Email Address: _______________________________________________________________   

Phone: ___________________________  Fax: _________________________  

RMA No:___________________________  Date Issued:_________________  Total Pieces: ___________________
(Obtained from Rcstars’ Customer Service)

IF the RMA form is INCOMPLETE or does not have payment information for an out-of-warranty unit,the product will be refused and return at the customer's expense.

Model No.

Serial No.

Purchase Date























Special Request:


1. Completely fill out the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. Incomplete RMA form will be refused

2. Fax the RMA form with a copy of a proforma invoice to  +86-755-26607454. An RMA number will be issued within 24 hours(Working Day).

3.The RMA number is valid for 15 days from the date of issue

4. To avoid damages, please ship the product(s) with the orginal packaging materials. RCSTARS will NOT be responsible for any damages or lost iterms.

5. Clearly print the RMA number on the outside of the shipping package and ship it to:Floor 4, 40th Building, Shahe Industry District,Nanshan District, ShenZhen, China, 518053

6. The RMA number is only valid for 15 days and must be clearly displayed on the outside of the shipping package. If the RMA form is incomplete or thereturn shipment dose not have an RMA number clear visible on the outside of the shipping label, the product will be refused and returned at the customer's expense.

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