• Commerical LCD Monitor

    Rcstars LCD monitor walls come with a full array of connectiivity and control options including HDMI*2,VGA

  • Standalone LCD Display

    Rcstars Player is capable of playing digital media of all types at specified time and schedule with scrolling texts

  • Android Network LCD Display

    Rcstars network Android display run the google android operating system, offers the flexibility to run many applications designed for that platform

  • Bus Type LCD Display

    Bus Digital signage provides huge potential for new business opportunities for advertisers to attract passengers attentions

  • All-in-one Computer

    Rcstars Manufacturing is proud to present wall mount All in one PC with Good performance, Low cost ,well suited for both touch and not touch applications.

  • Outdoor Digital Signage

    Rcstars outdoor displays meet high industrial standards they are providing a high degree of operational reliability and high quality image

  • Media Player Box

    Media player box allows the user to substitute a digital signage display with existing in home displays such as TVs or PC Monitors

  • LCD Video Wall

    Video wall displays support an extensive array of connectivity options, including VGA/DVI/HDMI, Composite, RS232 for multiple display control

  • Free Standing Digital Signage

    Very easy to show your advertising contents at airport, metro station, large shopping mall, theater, museum and some important public places

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